Feedback please!

I’ve only received negative feedback so far, which has mostly been resolved. Participating in a beta entails reporting back your experiences, so please do so to!


A fix for the installer – build 7.526 uploaded

This only fixes a problem when installing PodBreeze on some machines where iTunes are already installed.

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Proxy support – build 7.525 uploaded

The only change in this version is that it has proxy support built in. Visit the Settings tab to turn it on once you’ve installed. There’s absolutely no reason to upgrade from 7.524 to this one if you don’t need the proxy support.

Download links:

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Compatible Windows versions

I’ve had reports of PodBreeze running well under Vista, which was expected but nonetheless a relief. It runs well under XP as well, and should run equally well on 2000 and Windows 9X/ME.

Build 7.524 uploaded

Yet again some fixes. Minor in coding, but major in looks & functionality:

  • The import window didn’t have any choices on the first page to choose what to import
  • The question about what you wanted to download for new feeds sometimes didn’t have any choices
  • On startup, the wrong toolbar was displayed
  • Quicktime videos are now more reliably displayed
  • Getting an error about a full MP3 player could fill up the log quickly
  • A new download that started would sometimes cause the list to scroll to the bottom, so that you couldn’t see it

Here are the download links:

  • Normal version for install to your hard disk
  • USB version for install on your MP3 player
  • Update version for existing users


Some screen shots:

PodBreeze screenshot - Downloads PodBreeze screenshot - Feeds
PodBreeze screenshot - Player PodBreeze screenshot - Directory

Build 7.522 uploaded

Another bunch of fairly minor fixes:

  • The podcast directories isn’t view only anymore – the subscribe feature actually works
  • Reduced CPU usage while checking for new episodes

Here’s the links:

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