Build 7.521 released

OK, another quickie. Fixes:

  • Adding a feed via a pcast:// link or from Firefox’s RSS viewer now loads the whole program so that new episodes can be downloaded if you select to
  • Canceling a download offers the option to permanently disable download of that episode.
  • The CPS and time remaining for a download is more accurate but yet doesn’t fluctuate wildly

This time there are three downloads available:

  1. The normal version for a regular install on your computer
  2. The USB version for installation to your MP3 player
  3. An update version (new) that only installs the program without rewriting your setup or confusing other stuff. This is the one to grab if you already have PodBreeze installed.

I’ll probably go on releasing updates every day for some time, but the program is still functioning – the fixes are minor things that doesn’t impede day-to-day operations. I’ve been using it exclusively for over a month, and the initial user reactions have been favorable.


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