Another bug release – build 7.626 released

Another small bugfix release. Fixes:

  • Occasional crashes when displaying the download list after being minimized.
  • Made the creation of an association to pcast:// links optional during install, to avoid problems with iTunes.

Download links:

  • Normal version for installation on your computer
  • USB version for installation on your player
  • Update version for existing user

Now you can see shownotes – build 7.618 released

Not a bugfix release, for a change. I’ve added the ability to view the notes associated with an episode in a podcast. Just rightclick on an episode, and select “View shownotes” from the popup menu.

In doing this, I also made it so that a podcast is refreshed when you click on it in the list, so that you don’t have to hit the refresh button the first time you go to a podcast.

There’s now also a way to limit the amount of space occupied by the history and downloads lists. Primarily for those who use the program on a USB stick, since our hard disks are so huge that a few MiB aren’t in the way.

Download links:

Normal version for installation to your harddisk
USB version for installation on your MP3 player
Update version for existing users

Some more bugfixes – build 7.615 released

Yet another release with some minor bugfixes:

  • Occasional Access Violations when restoring the program – I hope it’s fixed (or rather hidden away in the log if they occur)
  • Strange feeds with multiple files with the same names caused problems while downloading and also moving to the player. Fixed.
  • Occasionally downloaded episodes would keep saying “Moving to player” hours later. Not a bug per se, but it looked bad. Fixed.

Download links:

  • Normal version for installing on your hard disk
  • USB version for installation on your player
  • Update for existing users

PodBreeze was mentioned on Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code podcast, thanks Adam! Hope that brings in some more beta testers, preferrably vocal ones – the feedback is good, but it could be better.

VLC (VideoLan Client) support added, and a problem with cancelling downloads fixed – build 7.605 uploaded

When shows put out broken links to old files, it was impossible to cancel the download – PodBreeze would just retry the download every hour. Now you can cancel failed downloads as well.

I’ve also went ahead and integrated support for VLC (VideoLan Client), a media player that I’d heard of but never tried. It’s so much better than Windows Media Player or QuickTime that it’s now the default player in PodBreeze if you’ve got it installed.

Download links:

Finally there’s full Unicode support – build 7.531 released

This might not look much, but it’s huge for those who need it. PodBreeze can now show feeds with characters that are not in the default Windows character set (ISO-8859-1) correctly all the tiem. It’s been able to sync such feeds all along, but now they’ll display correctly in the Downloads, Podcasts and Episodes lists as well. It also applies to the import feature and the directories listings.

If you’ve got any friends who listen to podcasts from Russia (all of eastern Europe), Japan or any other language with Unicode characters, please enlist their help in trying this out!

In the process of doing this, I’ve also corrected a bug in the OPML export function, which basically made it useless.

Download links below:

Normal verison
USB version
Update version

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