Small but good feature added – build 7.712 released

Have you ever wanted more than the skimpy information (the title, basically) that other podcatchers provide in the podcast directory listing? I’ve always felt that the directory is next to useless – but no more. PodBreeze now features an integrated information retriever, that shows you the following things:

  • The title of the podcast (duh, already visible, but this comes from the actual podcast feed)
  • The image associated with the podcast, iTunes version if available
  • A description of the podcast, iTunes version if available
  • A link to the site of the podcast itself

This is completely dependent on what the podcasters put in their feeds, but at least it gives you all the information that you can get without actually visiting their site. And if you need to, just click the link at the bottom of the information pane, and you’re there!

I hope you like this as much as I do – and I’m stoked 🙂

I’ve also fixed a small ‘bug’ concerning redirects. When a podcast used an URL like, PodBreeze was only seeing the first part, and stored the file as redirect.mp4. This was irritating for feeds with this behaviour, so it’s fixed 🙂 PodBreeze now correctly uses the real filename instead, if it’s supplied in the URL. It still doesn’t handle ‘hidden’ redirects, which I haven’t had any reports of yet. They are theoretically possible, so report if you see a feed using them! The symptom would be that every episode is named the same all the time.

In addition to that, I’ve been trying to get the application to quit showing abnormally terminated downloads as downloading (albeit without a progress bar). I hope this has gotten better, at least it has for me.

Download links:

  • Normal version for installation on your computer
  • USB version for installation on your player
  • Update version for existing users

Please get back to me with reports and your opinions on the new feature and fixes!


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