Redirects, accessibility & iTunes support – build 7.726 released

I’ve finally managed to find a podcast with implicit/hidden redirects. So now I’ve fixed the last redirect related buglet in PodBreeze. Implicit and explicit redirects doesn’t matter – the file will now always get the filename that the original source has.

I’ve also added a few accessiblity tweaks so that PodBreeze is easier to use with the keyboard – enter acts as a dbuble click in the Podcasts and Episodes lists. Most lists that weren’t responding to a key to select an item now do.

For those who want it (for some reason unknown to me) there’s now iTunes support in PodBreeze, consisting of PodBreeze adding downloaded episodes to iTunes playlist(s).

In doing this, I uncluttered the previously messy settings dialog a bit – I hope 🙂

As a final note, I’ve also added support for something that doesn’t exist yet – which might seem a strange thing to do, but bear with me. The Podcast directories tab in PodBreeze has for some time had the ability to show additional information about each individual podcast, beyond it’s title. This was done in a round-about and less than ideal way, which makes the information look fairly ugly and it can take a while to get displayed. PodBreeze now supports a “new” OPML listing attribute named infoUrl, which can be used instead, displaying potentially prettier and quicker information. I’m currently trying to convince the OPML directories to support this, and have had some positive initial reactions.

Download links:

  • Normal version for installation on your computer
  • USB version for installation on your MP3 player
  • Update version for existing users


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