Simplified playback selection and a couple of bug fixex – build 7.731 released

As promised, here’s the next build. The bug that messed with the titles in the MP3’s is squashed.

The last version blew some downloads to smithereens when you used the “Change genre” feature – I’ve reverted some changes in an effort to fix this, and it seems to have stopped. Sorry!

I’ve now tidied up the Player section of PodBreeze, and added settings to the settings dialog to control playback. Previously, selecting how to play a file was done by a hard-coded process. Now you decide what to use for MP3’s and non-MP3 files, separately. The alternatives are:

  1. Windows Media Player – the default for MP3 files. Doesn’t work with QuickTime videos unless you have done the right magic tricks (installed the codecs, if there are any to be had)
  2. VLC Media Player – from – this is the best all round media player in my opinion. Get it, and set both MP3 and non-MP3 playback to use it
  3. Winamp – experimental – uses Internet Explorer to bring up a web based version of Winamp to play your files
  4. Web browser – default for non-MP3 files. This option will load QuickTime for video playback if it’s installed on your system. Might also work for other media players accessible in the browser.

Some small but nagging things have also been fixed when adding a new podcast. PodBreeze now respects any modifications to the title and/or the checking frequency you make when you add the podcast.

The help file has been fleshed out considerably, and I’ve removed the beta notice in it – it’s only missing a few topics and a major proof reading before being as done as I’m likely to ever get it.

I still haven’t had the time to look into integration with Songbird, which was requested by one of you lot. Sorry for that, and I’ll try to do better 🙂

Download links:

  • Normal version for installation on your computer
  • USB version for installation on your USB MP3 player
  • Update version for existing users

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