Finishing touches – build 7.1111 released

I’m feeling that the program is nearing completion. The last major piece that needed work was the one click subscription protocols, allowing users to subscribe to podcasts from web sites with ease.

One of the first users of the program reported problems with the installation when telling PodBreeze to associate itself with pcast:// links from websites, so that functionality has been disabled by default ever since. The problem was a conflict with iTunes, which made a solution necessary – incompatibilities with iTunes aren’t good, that program’s everywhere.

I’ve now rebuilt the entire protocol registration process, and hope that the new version will be compatible with iTunes. I know for sure that it won’t break anything – it errs on the side of caution, aborting protocol registration at the slightest hint of a problem.

So, iTunes users out there – please install this version, and get back to me with reports about how it works with iTunes regarding the one click subscription links! I’m depending on your feedback, since none of the computers I tried the first version on had any problem with iTunes.

This version also has made the uninstaller less zealous – in the past, uninstall meant really that, everything went, inclduing your subscriptions, history etc. The new uninstaller asks you whether to delete everything, and the default is No. The installer also doesn’t overwrite an existing settings file.

I’ve received some requests for being able to limit the amount of checking and downloading that takes place at the same time, so that’s been added to the settings form. Please note that changing this requires a restart of PodBreeze to take effect! The default values are as before, max 5 podcasts are checked at the same time, and max 10 downloads are initiated at the same time.

Finally there’s now a way to see which file PodBreeze is moving to your player, as well as the progress of the operation.

This is the final version of PodBreeze released before moving from the beta stage into general distribution. Unless something major comes up, that should happen fairly soon. No new features will be added to the program, only fixes and minor improvements will be made.

Download links

  • Normal version for installation on your hard disk
  • Portable version for installation on your USB MP3 player
  • Update version for existing users

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