Tighter Songbird integration – build 7.1128 released

PodBreeze now has as much integration with Songbird as I think is possible. It now adds its media to Songbird by Javascript, and will start playing automatically if this is allowed. I don’t know enough about Songbird to say whether more is possible – if it is, please get back to me!

The only other thing that has changed is that the tray popup menu now looks more modern, with icons and a gradient.

Download links

  • Normal version for installation on your hard disk
  • USB version for installation on your USB MP3 player
  • Update version for existing users

2 Responses to “Tighter Songbird integration – build 7.1128 released”

  1. stevel Says:

    Nice integration 🙂 I’ll go download it and check it out. Thanks for the work integrating with Songbird!

  2. mac Says:

    Nice App!

    However I would really like that the generated playlist would be appended instead of overwritten when I have all Mp3 in single directory on my MP3 player.

    As a workaround I tried just checking for updates once a week, but 23 hours was max 😦

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