Severe error fixed and new database engine – version 2.0 rc2 released

Bug fix for failed downloads
Well, let’s just say that I botched the last release. I’d tested the new error correcting feature heavily, and it worked. But of course I had to make ‘just one last change’. And after that I didn’t get any failed downloads, in which case I would’ve seen that it no longer worked. This issue is solved for good.

New database engine
PodBreeze now uses the SQLite database engine from, courtesy of a Delphi port of the library by Tim Anderson (

This obviates the need for the /dbviewer switch, and that functionality has now been removed. There’s plenty of SQLite tools out there if you wish to peek inside the database – the need for /dbviewer was caused by me using a little-known engine.

It also pushes the program that much closer to v2.0 – changing the database engine was a major thing, which had needed doing for some time, but had been postponed a little too long.

Accessible version pre-compiled
I’ve decided to make a special version for the blind community, see the download links below. The only change is that this version includes the setting that activates basic menus from the start.

Download links:


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