Mainly minor tweaks this time – v2.0 rc4 released

A few very minor tweaks

  • The initial settings after a new install were set to move downloaded files to an MP3 player at B:\. Now move is disabled until you turn it on.
  • The test podcast was no longer being added to new installs, since I forgot to add that code when moving to SQLite
  • PodBreeze now asks you whether you wish to force the program to close despite it being busy downloading or checking feeds. This may cause errors and should be used with caution
  • A few texts were not translated into swedish

Failed downloads causing some trouble
Nothing major here either. I got reports, which I later confirmed, that failed downloads weren’t being treated as regular downloads, i.e. they don’t show in the global CPS rate. What was worse was that this also meant that if a regular feed check occurred while a failed and then restarted download was running, the file would start downloading from there too, so you’d have two downloads of the same file running at the same time. Fixed.

Download links

  • Normal version for installation on your hard disk
  • USB version for installation on your USB MP3 player
  • Accessible version with basic menus for screen readers and braille
  • Update version for existing users


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