Minor but nagging bugs fixed, and an autumn treat – version 2.02 released

It took me a lot longer to get to fixing the bugs than I thought, mainly due to an insane workload.

I got reports, and experienced myself, that some feeds didn’t show the full content. Still not sure what the cause was, but changing the way the RSS files are downloaded (from using WinInet to MSXML) fixed it.

I’ve also tried thinning down the program’s huge hunger for CPU cycles. Deep down in the program was a progress routine that was called far too often. Not easy to spot, but it does make the program more well behaved.

There’s also been some reports about being unable to cancel downloads that aren’t yet fully started, and I found the probable cause. It works for me now, please report if it doesn’t work for you!

I’ve been listening to books from podiobooks.com for quite a while, and I’ve learned that some of you are too. I’d written an importer for their book feeds more than a year ago, but was told to hold off – they were going to go through a major site overhaul, which would break my code. Since it still works, and no overhaul has been sighted, I’ve decided to release it. Simply select Import from the menu, and select the Podiobooks.com option.

I’ve also realized that PodBreeze sometimes mangles the ID3 tags for some MP3 files, probably because something in that file isn’t quite right. Now PodBreeze won’t even touch the tags in an MP3 file, unless you explicitly tells it to in the Settings dialog.

Download links:

  • Normal version for installation on your hard disk
  • USB version for installation on your USB MP3 player
  • Accessible version with basic menus (for screen readers and Braille)
  • Update version for existing users