One feature and one fix – Version 2.1 released

Deleting files is a thing that I simply hadn’t considered putting in PodBreeze. I use PodBreeze with an MP3 player, which everything is moved to, and I delete episodes right after I’ve listened to them, on the player itself. But it’s been added to the program now, just visit the Settings, and you’ll find it on the General tab. I even ended up using it, to keep down my backlog – so thanks to the guy who suggested the feature!

I’ve also changed how the program uses some Windows components, after getting complaints of a couple of users getting “Class not registered” errors after the last update. Please try v2.1, and get back to me with the results!

Download links

  • Normal version for most users
  • Update version for existing users
  • USB version for installation on your USB MP3 player
  • Accessible version with basic menus