PodBreeze is a podcatcher, which means that it checks for and downloads new episodes from podcasts that you subscribe to. You can add subscriptions, either by entering a URL or by selecting from a directory.

It can also move downloaded podcasts to your MP3 player, any MP3 player that behaves like a regular drive in Windows. Alternatively, you can add received episodes to Windows Media Player, and use it to sync with your player.

There’s also a rudimentary media player builtin, for those who don’t want to leave the program for that.

My main goal with the program is to keep it as simple as possible while providing the features that are necessary to do what it’s supposed to. So you won’t see this grow into  areas that aren’t directly related to downloading, moving and listening to or watching podcasts.

There are two versions available for download:

  1. A normal version for installing on your hard drive. This is what most people want
  2. A USB version for installation onto your MP3 player directly, a portable app. Doesn’t touch your hard drive at all, ever. Stores its settings and statistics on the MP3 player too.

There’ll also be an update available during this beta period, that can be downloaded to update your existing PodBreeze install to the latest version. The finished version will have integrated online updates, just like the big boys 🙂


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Tony Says:

    Will your client intergrate with an iPod?

    • podbreeze Says:

      No, no and no again. That’s why there is support for iTunes in PodBreeze. But use iTunes on its own if you insist on using an iPod.

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