FeedSlurper build 7.821 released

I found out that the little puppy was a little bit too hungry – it ate 100% CPU while downloading. Now it’s behaving 🙂

Download the program here


Improved display – FeedSlurper build 7.815 released

The program now displays the current CPS and the estimated time left until finished in the dialog and its caption (for use when minimized).

Download the new version here

You guessed it – a bugfix for FeedSlurper – build 7.801 released

The program bugged on feeds that reports the wrong size for its enclosures. Fixed.

Download the new version here.

FeedSlurper released – build 7.727

This is more of a utility than a full-blown application. My motivation for writing this was that I always have with podcast novels (podiobooks). I wait for them to get completed before I grab them in one bite. Going through the process of adding the feed to PodBreeze, selecting to download everything, waiting for the files to download and then remove the feed wasn’t fun.

Enter FeedSlurper – the program that downloads everything off a feed. No fancy options, just the basics. Enter the feed, select where to save and click Download – and walk away.

It can be even simpler if you’re using Firefox. Just surf to the feed itself, to the point that you’re seeing the feed on your screen. Not the web page containing the link – you should click the link, so that you get the feed viewer, with the “Subscribe to this feed” on top. Select FeedSlurper from the list of programs (or click Select program if it’s not there), and click subscribe. Now FeedSlurper starts, with the URL already in place.

Download the program here